New Year, New me?

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As usual, I see a lot of this “New Year, New Me” going on everywhere on my social media. Why would you wait for the New Year to make some changes…?

You should start the change when you’re ready to do so, for the new year, or any time during the year that works best for you. Don’t just do it because that’s what other people do, or say they do. If you’re not ready to change your life around, well don’t because you’ll soon stop everything you set up to do, and it will just be a waste of time.

I decided to make some changes in my life last year, during my previous Bali trip. I looks like I end up making the biggest changes after my trips to Bali, my little paradise… It seems like spending time on my own, far away from my everyday life, helps me see more clearly what I want out of my life.

New Year, New me

After my very first trip I decided to stop working as a bartender because I could clearly see it wouldn’t bring me anywhere. And it was really ruining my life in many ways. I was living mostly at night, in bars, drinking, having fun. So yes it’s good to have some fun, but not like that, not every day…
I found a job a few months later as a stylist for the website Vente-Exclusive. It wasn’t my dream job, but it’s definitely what I needed to get back on track.

Last year I came back to Bali, and realized a few other things. First that I felt a lot better physically when avoiding gluten and dairies. I’ve always loved bread, sandwiches, cheeses, pastas,… But while in Bali, I would always eat gluten free and dairy free meals, since these are not typical things to be found on the island (you can always find pasta, and bread, and milk, etc… but you can avoid it a lot easier that back in Europe). I also realized that my job wasn’t fitting my personality, and I was everything but excited to get back to work. My goal was then to try to resolve these two issues (we were then in March 2016).

Once I came back, I first stopped eating gluten and dairies on a daily basis. It was a little challenging at first, but it’s been 10 months now, I have to say I really find my way around it. Of course, I’m human, and a real foodie, so I do some exceptions sometimes… But almost always end up having stomach ache for hours afterward (yes sometimes it’s worth it, hello cheese!). It also helped me losing some extra weight I had gained during the first months of my new job at Vente-Exclusive. Even more encouraging!
(If you want me to tell you more about my eating habits, my go to Gluten Free/Dairy Free recipes, let me know!)

New Year, New me
Wearing Women’Secret Bikini

Second issue to work on: the job situation. Weeks after weeks my motivation was getting worse and I started to look for a way out. I was applying to any jobs just to get away from that one… not the best plan but it was all I could think of back then. Thing is, my low motivation was obviously really showing and I ended getting fired. Which was probably one of the best thing that happened to me in 2016.
No it’s not glorious, and no the first time I heard it it wasn’t easy. But after, I realised that it would allow me to take the time I needed to actually think about what it was I really wanted to do for living.

I decided first that I wanted to take some time to travel (even though my financial situation wasn’t at its best), and an unplanned trip to the USA happened. It wasn’t the joyful or happiest trip, but it allowed me to say goodbye to one of my favorite human on this planet, my very dear Maureen, my american host mother. This trip and her loss made me put things into perspective as well. It taught me to live my life to the fullest and to fight for what I really wanted out of my life.

That’s also when I decided that I needed to try to launch my own project, instead of working for somebody else. Since then, my project as been evolving little by little, but for the first time in my life (I think) I’m actually putting myself into it as much as I can.

For the first time, I put my alarm and wake up every morning (even if no one will actually know if I wake up by noon), I am really stable with my everyday schedule (early wake up, early to bed), I avoid drinking during the week as much as possible (good thing I don’t drink wine – another great decisions I made a few years back). For the first time also, I’m able to say no to things that I know, won’t bring me any good. Back in the days, when someone would ask me to go party, it would take me not even a second to answer that yes, of course I would come. Even if I had partied the night before, or had things to do the next morning. Nowadays, I am more refered as the boring one who doesn’t want to move her ass out of her couch/bed. But gosh, a good night of sleep feels so good! (Don’t get me wrong though, I still have that party animal inside me, and when friday or saturday comes up, I’m still very excited to meet my friends for drinks, or a few dancefloor moves).

So what now for 2017?

Well first of all, more travels. I guest I’m starting the year perfectly being now in Bali. I have a few more trips planned for the next few months: Madrid & Barcelona in February for what looks like an exciting press trip, then Cape Town in March for the wedding of one of my besties and oldest girlfriend (SO EXCITING), then at some point I will go to Italy with my partner, and friend Julie, to finally enjoy a well deserved girl trip thanks to Smartbox, Barilla, and Marie Gourmandise of course (we won her Barilla contest a few months back). I never been to Italy so I’m really looking forward to it! (And trying to set my belly ready for all the gluten I’m going to eat…). I also hope to make it back to the USA (once or twice, I have my High School reunion, you know, the 10 years later party you see in movies? How could I miss that!?), to Ibiza with friends during summer, and maybe back to Bali by the end of the year? And maybe small citytrips to Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam? We only live once they say…. 😉

Second of all, launching my project of Community Management, Marketing Consulting & Events with my partner Julie. We started slowly at the end of 2016, but really plan to kick it in 2017!
I also work on a few others projects, some of which I can’t talkt about yet. One of them though, is the exciting new app Blügle which allows influencers to monetize videos shared on their social media by being directly (or more precisely through Blügle) in contact with brands. Dear lovely belgian readers of mine, if you are a influencers yourself, do not hesitate to sign up right now! We will keep you updated soon enough!
The good part of these different projects? Besides settings dates for planned events, I can work from anywhere 🙂 (which allows me to travel more!)

In third position, I want to write more for the blog. I realised that I haven’t been posting much, but one of last year’s decision was to post more quality that quantity. Though, it’s no reasons to post so few articles in a year, especially seeing how much I find myself so happy to write again. I really hope I will find the time, the motivation and the inspiration back in Brussels.

Fourth position: do more yoga! I started last year after my trip to Bali and really enjoyed it. It definitely does good things to my body, and I feel more energized. I have never been a really sporty person (besides a few years of tennis during my teenage years), and you will never see me in a fitness club. On the other hand, Yoga is challenging, and pushes myself to do better every time (all the muscles in my body can testify of it right now, with the 5 hours/week of yoga I do here – I can barely move anymore), like you would do in any sports. And I have to say, I love that adrenaline. Let’s hope I can motivate myself to do at least Yoga once a week for the year to come.

New Year, New me
Wearing BeBillie Yoga Wear

And of course I also wish to myself (and to you): Lots of love, lots of delicious food, a good health, the best of friends, to be happy and to be the best of myself to my friends and loved ones.


  • Lucie cet article est vraiment cool !!!! Ca me motive encore plus a arrêter définitivement le gluten hahah. Keep going, I really love it !
    Bonne année ma poule !

    • Merci je suis ravie qu’il te plaise 🙂
      Pour le gluten essaie p-e d’abord 1 semaine? Puis 1 mois? En t’accordant des écarts évidements, on reste humaines après tout :p
      En général je m’accorde 1 jour off par semaine…
      Et puis pour le reste, après un temps on s’habitue et ça devient facile… Et puis on trouve de plus en plus de pates sans gluten, et de pain sans gluten également… Ce qui facilite la vie (mais j’essaie quand même d’éviter le pain sans gluten aussi, ça reste lourd).
      Ce midi par contre j’ai mangé une gauffre aux pommes de terres avec oeufs et avocats, une tuerie! et pas un gramme de gluten… Tout est possible! Check aussi Deliciously Ella, pleins de chouettes recettes 🙂
      Bonne année!

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