Welcoming the Summer with Lillet

I have discovered Lillet wine about ten years ago, back when it was a “simple” apero served in the wine countries of France. I go every year in Medoc, its a wine country very close to Bordeaux. And Lillet comes from there. You can find it almost everywhere, and you drink it for the apéro. You drink it straight, with a few ice cubes.

The taste is strong but sweet, and even though I’m not really a wine lover, the taste of Lillet always pleased me (a lot).

It has been available in Belgium for a few years now, but back then we had to bring it back from Medoc, or buy it a the nearest grocery stores in France, close to the belgian border.

About two years ago, I went to a bar in Brussels and saw the Lillet in there, and it had been a while so… I went for it! But when I saw the bartender adding tonic to my Lillet, my mouth dropped… what the hell was he doing to my yummy Lillet?

But then I tasted it… and really enjoyed it! So since then I have tried several recipes, but I think I like it best either straight on ice, or with strawberries and mint (and really curious to eventually try with basil…)

I will let you know 😉

Have a wonderful weekend!