Introducing to you: LULU 2.0

I’ve been wanting to write this article for such a long time now… And never started it because I never really knew where to start. There has been so much change, so much to tell you, it’s almost a book that I have to write… maybe I should write a book? (maybe it’s already the plan? ) But that’s for later.

Let’s start at the beginning. Now, where’s the beginning?

I’ve told you about several changes in my life in past articles already (Looking back at 2016, New Year New Me, About Losing Weight) so I don’t want to repeat myself too much, but I also have to come back to some events for you to understand everything (I think..)

I got fired from my job in May 2016 (mentioned here), a month later I rushed to the USA to see my host Mom who got sick really quickly, and really bad.
She passed the day after I came back to Belgium. It was devastating, and it’s still hard to put words on this events, as she was such an important part of my life. Even so far away.
She has always been very encouraging and loving and supportive. Sometimes even more than my own mother (I love you mom though).

Spending time with her, with my American Family and her sudden death was like an electro choc. For the very first time in my life, I started focusing on what exactly I wanted to do with my life, and starting my own project. Focusing really hard on it, and starting to be a little more professional. It included waking up early every morning and get to work. Party less and focusing more.

My project was starting to look like something, even though I was taking some time to figure out exactly what it was I wanted to do.

As the end of the year started to come closer, my mom decided to leave for Bali for a month (my mom is what we call “digital nomad”, and it’s quite inspiring to say the least… anyway). I told her (while crying… yes… and it barely never happens to me to be honest) that I could not handle to be by myself for Christmas. Not that year (I got used to having parents who loooove to travel…. Without me!) The loss of my host mom was still very fresh, and I was finally really focused on my work, but I knew I couldn’t handle spending the holidays in Brussels. I kind of begged her, and thankfully, it worked!
She took me along with her, for a month in Bali.

For a month I was super healthy, ate less, worked out a lot (Yoga), and worked. And thought. About my life and my projects.

The project I was working on for months was to do Social Media for small businesses, especially targeted in the food business (but also fashion, hotels,…) as long as the product was fitting my taste and my lifestyle. I wouldn’t want to promote something I don’t believe in…

I soon realized I felt trapped somehow, and I knew doing “only” social media wasn’t exciting enough to me.

I also realized a few things:

  • the clients I was working for were asking often to create collaborations with bloggers or influencers
  • I felt like the PR agencies were (and are still) lost, or focus on numbers, when there’s a lot more to look at when collaborating with bloggers/influencers.
  • People that were not my clients needed some advices for events or collaborations with bloggers/influencers, didn’t have a PR agency or didn’t have the money to hire one, and were completely lost on what to do.
  • Seeing a lot of “fake” influencers started to get me quite (or very) annoyed.. and I wondered, how, on my scale, I could try to change things a little (or a lot?)

Taking all of this into consideration, I realized I wanted to do consulting for brands/people that wanted to collaborate with passionate and professional bloggers or influencers.

It’s something that brings together a lot of the things that I like: meeting people, getting to know them (the bloggers & influencers), targeting and finding the best match between my clients and the bloggers/influencers, creating and finding ideas for collaborations, organizing events,…

Some people call it the future of PR, I call it my job which I do with passion 🙂

I keep on working as a freelance for social media, and my clients are growing with time, and bring me to do some really great projects. The relation between me and some of my clients are growing as well, and it’s exciting to see people and places with so much potential, and see them growing day by day. And achieving this together, as a team.

CUP28 reaching 3000 followers in a few months

In April 2017, my world has been turned upside down.
I was never the romantic kind, and even though I did always believe in true love, I never really believed in having a soulmate… until 7 month ago. It’s something I still have a hard time putting words on… I still can’t explain it. I can’t explain meeting someone and feeling something right away (not even realizing it at first…). Knowing that the journey will maybe not be easy to get where you want to be, but somehow you know you’ll get there?
Yes because welcome in my life, my love stories are never easy. Even when beautiful, they are beautifully complicated let’s say… So I won’t tell you more about it now… maybe later.

But that secret someone that turned my head and my life upside down, made me evolve, and change, even more than before.
Without pushing me, he pushed me to be the best of myself. He made me believe in myself, which is something I always had a hard time with… He told me I was strong and talented enough to reach my goals and my dreams.
Thanks to him (and to me, I know…), for once in my life, all the ideas I have (or at least a good part of it) are becoming actual projects, they are actually happening!

6 months ago I started a project I kind of always dreamed of, and I finally have the guts to share it with you: writing my own book.
A book in which I will share with you all my favorite addresses about my hometown, Brussels. It is stressfull, but joyfull, and oh-so exciting!

The most exciting part? It’s just the beginning! More books should come after this one, always sharing my favorite hotspots around the world. Food spots, Fashion spots, Beauty spots, … All the spots I love visiting when travelling, or when I’m home, back in Brussels.
I’ve always shared them through my social medias or my blog, I’ve always loved discovering new places, and helping small business have more visibility when they needed it.
I’ve always shared my good travel tips, or favorite hotspots with my friends and relatives.

Now, I feel like I’ll do it, but on a bigger scale, and it’s feels empowering, but also scarry. Really scarry.

You can already follow the instagram of the books: @bonjour_theworld

This post was too long to all be in one article. Part 2 of LULU 2.0 is HERE ! To stay updated, follow my instagram @lucievd

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