LULU 2.0 : Let’s talk about Food & Sport!

Taken at Happy Guest House Brussels
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Of course, that’s not all I do, I have other projects on the side, and my job, and a billion things in my head. So yes the past 6 months have been quite stressful. Which brought me to do quite some sport. Which never really happened before…

First of all I started to walk. And to walk a LOT! It allowed me to clear my head, whenever I was too stressed or not in a good mindset (complicated love stories and all…). I quickly realized that it helped me digest a lot better.

And if you’ve been following my love & hate food relationship (it’s more a relationship between my BODY and the food. I love food. Love love love food), it’s been quite a blast to find at least one thing that was helping me whenever I ate too much, or too greasy, or too sweet, or gluten and dairies… because yes, I have a hard time saying no (let’s say I avoid it 90% of the time…).

Since it was helping me so much, I just decided to walk everywhere and avoid public transport. I go sometimes faster, I do sport AND I feel better, what else? …well, PILATES!

I started with Yoga for months, but at some point I didn’t enjoy doing it home alone, and also I was afraid to hurt myself. And somehow I came across an event about Pilates at MAD Brussels on Thursday mornings. I just booked one spot and showed up at the following class.

The class started at 8AM, which meant I had to wake up around 6:30, which sounded quite hard at first, but I was so excited that it was really fine after all.

I had never done Pilates before, but it was sooo much fun, challenging, in a great place, with a really cool teacher (Tessa) who gives classes parts in English and parts in French (and for some stupid reasons that I can’t even explain, I like to have classes in English).

That was already a great start. I also walk to my Pilates class because if I wouldn’t, I would feel still half asleep while arriving there. So usually, on Thursday mornings, when getting back home around 10AM, I’ve already done 1 hour Pilates and 10km walking.

Let’s just say the results were quickly showing…

This new crazy lifestyle of mine brought me to party less… And you know, it might sound strange, but I’ve always wondered at which point in my life I was going to be tired of partying?

I would rather stay in bed, right here, at La Maison Haute (Brussels)

To be honest, I’m not REALLY tired of partying, but everything else just became a lot more important. I don’t want to be tired, for all of the other things that I want to achieve, or I have also a crazy schedule, and my work days don’t go from Monday trough Friday but more like Monday through Sunday, from early morning to late nights.

This also means I don’t go for drinks or afterworks during the week. Yes I might sound boring but I’m having a great time working at home or being at events, don’t you worry.

My mom has called me “workaholic” several times in my life, and maybe I am a little… but I’ve always enjoyed and I am so enjoying what I do for a living that it doesn’t even always feel like actual work.

About the food part, I’ve told you about the different changes that I made in this previous post. All in all, I still eat pretty much everything but avoid dairies and gluten most of the time. I don’t really go for sweets, but I do drink 1 or 2 coffees per day with a tiny bit of sugar.

For breakfast I usually go for smoothies (almond milk/peanut butter/banana) or a smoothie/acai bowl, a porridge (but can never finish a regular size because it’s too heavy) or simply fruits.

For lunch I try to find something easy but not including gluten which is not always easy to find. I usually end up eating soup, or noodle soup.
For dinner I try to make something at home, and since winter season has just started, a good homemade soup or homemade chili or vegetable curry is a good way to go. But I eat one bowl, no rice and I feel full enough.

So if we add everything together: less food (or better food), healthier lifestyle, walking 10 to 15km per day, Pilates once a week, less party, less alcohol, barely no sugar… that brings you to the body of Lulu 2.0!

This post was too long to all be in one article. Part 1 of LULU 2.0 is HERE, and the last part is  coming soon! To stay updated, follow my instagram @lucievd

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