If you’ve been following me for a while (especially on Instagram @lucievd), you might have seen that I have quite the new habit of trying to empower women, encourage them, (including myself), to realise my goals and reach for my dreams.

It is something that I find so important today, and I feel just amazing when I see empowered young women entrepreneurs, working hard on their dream (entreprise or job).

To celebrate this wonderful day, I want to showcase some amazing girlbosses that I know, that are inspiring, hard working, and today, I want to celebrate THEM!
Most of them are my relative or friends, yes. But I couldn’t be inspired by someone I don’t know.. or hardly.

  • Julie:
    Julie is one of my closest friends, and we’ve known each other for the past 4 or 5 years. I always loved her professional side, but she’s growing as a real inspiring girlboss in the past year, launching her lashes business, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. I can see her business becoming bigger and bigger lately and just makes me so happy! She’s really talented, passionate, and most of all a really great person. Congrats my Juju, can’t wait to see what Studio Lashes & Brows becomes in the coming years!
  • Betty:
    I met Betty not so long ago, but her talented, yet smart, yet business minded, yet girlboss, yet fashionable, yet a little crazy side made me want to be her friend right away. She made me realise many things, but most of all that you could be a great friend, an amazing mom, a lovely loving girlfriend, and still rock at your job. I never thought you could smartly combine family life and work life. And she does. She impresses me by managing all that. One day she might conquer the world. And I might be standing next to her.
  • Chloé & Cancan:
    These two funky ladies are the fringed girlbosses behind COCO DONUTS. I’ve known them since probably 10 years now. Before Coco, they have always been hard working, but smart, ambitious, and so funny. Well, they still are. They created one of the coolest and cutest hang out spot in the city. I would be surprised if you told me that you never heard of Coco Donuts. And if you never did, it’s time to do your homework!
  • Prissou:
    Prissou is one of my close friend, and she’s probably one of the sweetest person I’ve ever met. Her kindness is one of her greatest strengths, along with her high Fashionable sense and her amazing creativity. I met Priscilla almost 10 years ago, when she had just open her amazing (and my favorite) shop called Lady Dandy. A few month later she trusted me enough to take care of the communication of the boutique, for my internship. I stayed there for a few month and that’s when I realised how amazing this tiny little lady is. She kept on amazing me over the years, during hard times, but she always stayed strong and positive. She’s a true inspiration, and as I said in my book, a little angel.
  • Ping:
    Ping is one of the 3 people behind the Coffee Shop Cup28. If you’re following me, you might have realised that I spend quite some time there. The explanation is simple: I first started to come as a customer, living next door and finding the place so welcoming, I was there almost everyday. After seeing me everyday we started to talk, get along and I ended up taking over their Instagram account. I’ve been doing so since almost a year now, and I’ve never been so happy with a collaboration. Ping is a really smart and really hard working young woman. She impresses me everyday, she’s creative, full of ideas, but also quite tough in business, which I always find impressive (I try to be, but it’s not always easy). She’s handling the family business like a pro, while working a full time job on the side. That lady will go far, and I hope we’ll go along the same path together!
  • Claire:
    Lots of people know Claire, or at least they know Milkywaysblueyes. But I’m not sure they know Claire, who I met a little over a year ago. I had no expectations, because I never do, but I knew who she was, as she was able to create herself a name in the belgian, even european blogosphere. First thing that I really liked about her is how natural and how kind she was. Not saying that other bloggers aren’t, but she was really easy going and fun. Then I saw the girlboss. While we were in Madrid for a few days, I realised that every time she had a minute (in the Uber, or in the metro, in the bus or on the plane) that girl was working. Hard. She is still a student (law student on top of that), but also handling her own company, like a pro. Whatever she does, she stays true to herself, and that’s one of the things I like the most about her. That women, yet still pretty young, will go far, I’m telling ya!
  • Lise:
    Lise is the girl behind the concept “PAP STORE”, quite new little shop located in the heart of the Royal Galleries downtown Brussels. This girl is full of joy, positivity and good vibes. It’s a real pleasure to visit her shop as she’s always so joyful, so smiling, loving what she does, and doing it with passion. Brussels is missing people like her, following her dream and spreading positivity around everywhere they go. I wish Lise and Pap Store to grow bigger and bigger because she works really hard on it, and her work and her concept is really worth it.
  • Flore:
    Flore is my little sister. She’s soon turning 17 years old but when I look at her, or when I talk to her, I could believe she 22 or 23. We’ve been really really close since Flore was born, and somehow (not so surprisingly) we are really alike. But she impresses me and surprises me every single day. Flore did not always have an easy life, not revealing any specific details because I don’t know if she would allow me to do so. But our family life has been quite a mess, for many years. Flore had to handle a lot of things on her own, that a kid should never have to deal with. She played the best role as being a big and protective sister to the youngest of us, Sophie. She has been a straight A student (or almost) since always (besides maths that’s true but not everyone’s perfect, even not you babylove!) She speaks 3 different languages, works during weekends to make some extra money, she is smart ambitious and SO funny (I almost pee my pants every time I look at our insta stories together). I try to tell her how often as I can how proud I am of her. How smart and how strong she is. And how far I know she will go.
  • Mamouche:
    Mamouche it’s actually Georgette. My crazy grandma! You might have spotted her once or twice in my insta stories, probably made with Flore, as she always makes us laugh so much. Besides getting old and going sometimes a little crazy, Mamouche is one of the most impressive women I have ever met. She is strong, smart, ambitious and soooo creative. I think I get a lot of my creativity from her. Since I was a child, she taught me to draw, to sew, to paint, to create jewelry, to sing or to dance (these two last ones did not particularly really worked out for me though). She always taught me to be the woman I wanted to be, allowing me to be ambitious and to dream. She’s today over 85 years old, but still manages to do some extra work as dog sitter (she such a crazy lover of dogs), or selling jewels she makes, just to give some extra money to her children or grandchildren. She is really someone I look up to (besides her cooking skills but don’t tell her that!).
  • Maureen:
    Maureen was my host mother when I was an exchange student back in 2007. I’ve talked about her in the past on the blog, because she became one of the most important person in my life over the years. I lost her almost 2 years ago now, but the pain is still here. I miss her everyday. She was such an example at being a generous and loving person. She hosted many exchange students for years, always loving to learn about other culture, and helping kids. She was a volunteer at her church, and always helping out. Always there for friends and family, and always encouraging people. She encouraged me at being a better person for years, loving me for who I was and who I am. Being a girlboss is not always about successful business. It’s also being successful in life. And Maureen was, I believe, great at that.
  • Barbara Corcoran:
    The only one on this list that I don’t know personally. I wish I did! What an incredible woman! On my last trip to Bali in january, I took the time to read one book, and it was hers, “Shark Tales”. It explains how this woman who never went to college, from a family with barely no money (but so much love) became one of the most successful woman in america. She did it all on her own, and she’s such an inspirational woman and girlboss! She is so smart and so funny! One of my favorite quote of hers is this one “Every time I got anything good in life, it was the result of a rejection“. But there’s so much more. I learned a lot reading that book, and I would really advise everybody who wants to launch their own business one day, to do so.

Now I’m curious, who are YOUR inspirations?

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