Workshop by Lulu: Going Healthy!

A while ago, I was contacted for a small collaboration.

The idea was to do something about international obesity day and to find a way to change people’s minds, or at least try to. On our level. With our, or my own tools.

Since I have worked in fashion for years, the initial idea was to help people that are overweight feel better in their own clothes. It is something I used to do. I loved to do it then, and I still love how rewarding it feels to help someone feel better.

Though, now I try to “fix”, or help people in the earlier steps. Since I am now working mostly with and about food, I thought it was appropriate to make a workshop about it.

Me & Elliott Little Chef

We organised this workshop in collaboration with the Dr Dandrifosse (a bariatric surgeon who performs surgery on people that are overweight), and with the help of Elliott (Little Chef). We invited the 3 winners of a contest I organised on Instagram, and also 2 patients of Dr Dandrifosse.

The workshop started with an experience with a nutritionist at the grocery store. The idea was to give each participant a budget of €50, and to let them choose what they would normally buy for a Friday night with friends, celebrating the end of a rough week.

Gladly, we realised that most of the girls bought healthy stuff.

After that, we had an interesting discussion with the Doctor, her patients, and the winners of the contest. We shared our perception of society: the way people eat or are judged for what they eat.

It was really interesting to hear Dr Dandrifosse’s point of view, as she is specialised in the sector. I learned a lot, for example that I used to eat way too much at once. I was afraid I would get hungry before my next meal (which brought me to eat sometimes two or three times the quantity my body really needs!). She explained that it is something that happens a lot, and of which we are not aware. It comes from earlier days (like hundreds of years ago), when humans were not sure when they would eat next, they would just stuff themselves up.

Today, in our society, we are surrounded by food, and food is available at any moment of the day. We need to teach our bodies that it does not need that much food.

The idea was also to tell people that it is not because they have lost weight that they can eat unhealthy. On the other hand, it is not because you eat unhealthy that you are overweight or the other way around (actually a lot of overweight people eat very healthy).

Sometimes our body reacts differently to food. We not only have to respect it, but we should stop judging it, or stop judging other people for it.

Then, I told my story. How I changed my everyday diet (without ever going on a diet!). How important it is to be aware of every single thing you put inside your body. How important it is to include sport in your everyday life (even if it is by starting to walk a little bit everyday).

All my changes came step by step. If you want to change your habits, take your time. Be nice to your body. Let it understand and adapt.

I started slowly by reducing gluten, dairies and sugar. Then I started reducing alcohol, and then my quantities for each meal.

I also had to learn to eat slower, to take the time to enjoy every single meal.

After a while I started walking a little more everyday, and when I felt it was not enough anymore, I went for pilates, and a private coach. But as I said, every step came at its own time. Letting my body adjust to the different changes it was confronted with.

The idea behind this food workshop was not just to tell my story, but also to share a fun moment with the girls and to do some cooking together. For me, food brings people together and it is such a great time to spend with people. Therefore, I decided to share some of my favourite recipes to prepare together. I want people to realise that it is possible to make good, tasty and yet healthy food. It is not because something is healthy that it is not delicious. There is plenty of yummy dishes that are easy to make and that are not pricey.

I did this workshop in collaboration with Elliott, one of my long-time friends who is becoming a really talented chef. I thought it would be fun to work on this project together and to do this in his beautiful loft (have a look HERE).

We made different dishes, of which you will find the recipes and the pictures at the end of this article.

We made a short video about the day we spent together, and I am so proud of the result. I am really sorry for my English followers because it is in French.

Les recettes

Recette du Ceviche
Pour 4 convives


400g de cabillaud ou autre poisson blanc
12cl de vinaigre de riz
12cl d’huile d’olive
1 fenouil
2 avocats
1 oignon rouge
1 brin de coriandre
1 citron vert
Quelques graines de grenades pour la décoration

Marinez le Cabillaud avec le jus du citron vert et l’huile d’olive, saler et poivrer.
Couper les avocats en dès
Couper finement le fenouil
Préparer des pétales d’oignon rouge
Équeuter la coriander
Zester le citron vert
Ajouter un peu de grenade pour un peu de peps


Recette des patates douces
Pour 4 convives


500g de patates douces
Huile d’olive
Citron Jaune
Herbe de provence
3 brins de Céleri
4 brins de persil plat
80gr Noix de Pécan torréfié 180°C sous grill 6min

Huile d’Olive
Sirop d’Érable
1 baton de cannelle
2 gros zestes d’orange
Poivre Rose

Préchauffer votre four à 180C°, couper les patates douces en dès et les mettre dans un plat allant au four avec des rondelles de citron, de l’huile d’olive (BEAUCOUP) et assaissoner avec de l’ail, des herbes de provences, du sel et du poivre, mettre le plat au four pour 30-35min.

Couper le céleri en brunoise, équeuter le persil


Recette Pastèque/Feta
Pour 4 personnes


Une demi pastèque
2 beaux morceaux de feta
Huile d’Olive
Vinaigre Balsamique

Découpez la pastèque en cube (ou en rond, si vous avez les outils nécessaire). Emiettez la feta a la main. Ajoutez-y l’huile d’olive, un peu de vinaigre balsamique, les morceaux de basilique et le sel et le poivre.

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