Turning 30

My life stories seemed to always bring out some interest from you guys, and I’ve been thinking of this article for quite a while.

Turning 30 was always a big deal for me and meant a lot. It represented really becoming an adult (I really enjoyed the past 10 years pretending to be an adult but not really acting like one).

Since I was a little kid, I dreamed of having my own company. I always looked up to my dad, one of my biggest inspirations till this day. He created a company from nothing, building everything, with my mom’s help. He had one of the most successful production company in Belgium, and even back then, as a kid, I felt really proud of what my dad had achieved (even if, since then, the business changed a lot, with crisis and such..) What never changed, it’s the passion in my daddy’s eyes when he talks about his business, there are sparkles. Whether he has 50 employees and a beautiful offices, or working from home on passionating movies.

Daddy back in the 80’s

My friends were dreaming of husbands and kids, I was dreaming of being a powerful woman running my company. Obviously, doing something that I loved.
Being 30 meant also having my own apartment (by that meaning leaving alone), in a place that I actually enjoyed. I kind of pictured myself alone, even if I also always dreamed of finding the love of my life, and having kids but that was probably stuck somewhere in my brain, latter in life.

Loving food like I do, I always looked a little chubby. I wasn’t big, but never really felt comfortable in my skin being the way I was (I realized with time that it had nothing to do with my weight). Even though, my parents where always telling me I looked great, never put me on a diet (I find that awful when I hear parents doing that to a KID!) That thing was coming from my own brain. Sometimes, I was eating a lot, just because it was my comfort zone. Whenever I was stressed, angry or sad. I always loved food, loved trying everything, cooking or baking. Food was a big part of my life, and my family loved enjoying good meals. The only downside is my little belly, it has been fragile since I was a kid, and still is.

Me at 12 years old (or so)

It seemed impossible to me to ever look skinny (my mom, yet being skinny, always had a little belly just like I do. And always told me she could never lose it, whether she did abs or anything she tried. I just figured it was the same for me). It’s futile, but yet this is how I wanted to look. With time, I learned to feel great in my body, however it looked. It was just “the dream” of one day looking skinny, which I thought would never be achieved.

All in all, I was dreaming to be an independent young woman, travelling, having cool friends, the coolest job, my own company, dancing and be happy (the dancing part so very important, wherever you dance!)

by @mireilleroobaertphotography

I’m turning 30 in a month. More precisely in 26 days.

It’s stressful, yet, I feel pretty good so far about my life goals, set at a very early age.

The work part

Slurp Co is officially still being build (legally), but out there since 2 weeks and will be launched at the end of the month.

Slurp Co is my dream company, communicating about things I love. It’s a 100% me, with values that are important to me. I started the idea of this company 10 months ago, but it’s a lifelong work (read also this post, written about 1 year ago about the first months of being freelance and launching my business). Everything I did before, every single job, helped me setting the goals, and create the work relations and environment I always envisioned and dreamed of.
I am very lucky to start this adventure being surrounded by people that are smart, talented and encouraging! Big thanks to Fred, who’s been supporting me since 8 years, being my best self, in every project, from the blog that I started with his help 8 years ago, to my books, and now Slurp Co.
Sophie, this passionate and talented pink haired young lady has been collaborating with me for almost a year, and I love working with her. She can deal with my crazy mood sometimes (even if I apologize about a 100 times when it happens, I always feel so bad), she is funny and smart, ambitious, and curious. Sophie, you are my assistant for now, but I hope to have you by my side for as long as possible!

Sophie & I by @mireilleroobaertphotography

Then we have Alizée who’s joining us for a few months, but I secretly always dreamed to have her with us as soon as Slurp Co started to grow in my mind.
I will tell you more about Slurp Co later on, but in a few words: Slurp Co is a communication Company to has different parts to it:

  1. THE FOOD: We are doing consultancy and marketing for concepts, menus, and more for restaurants, bars, food or drink related brands and businesses. We also take care of the social media part, creating the content and the pictures, but always involving the consulting part before hand (we don’t want to communicate about something we don’t believe in).
  2. THE INFLUENCERS: I have been passionate about influencers and bloggers since 10 years or so (my end of studies project was about collaborations with influencers, even back then when we had only about 3 of them in Belgium). Today I want to create smart, powerful and creative collaborations between bloggers and brands or places. With a smart targeting and selecting passionate people.
  3. THE TRAININGS: There are different kinds of trainings, which I started almost a year ago. I realized that a lot of people wanted to handle their own social media, but didn’t have the tools to do it properly. Some others were just lauching their business, and didn’t have the budget to pay me on an monthly basis. I created 3 trainings so far:
  • How to use social media for small businesses
  • How to work with influencers
  • How to become social media manager (free lance)

And I’m currently working on another training, which is focused on influencers, how to be respected by brands, how to get organized, etc etc. I realized that I’m good at empowering people, and encourage them to do what they love. It’s such an amazing feeling, that I want to keep on doing it. I just have to find the right way to do it.
I now have my own office, still being decorated and all, but it feels so exciting. The business is growing faster than I could ever imagine, and I’m so happy!
If you want to follow our crazy, funny, foodie adventures check out @slurpbe on Instagram!

The personal life

I don’t own my apartment (yet) because so far my investments went to growing my business, or travelling (for business matters mostly too).
I started from nothing with my job, and my parents have never helped me financially. I’m happy and proud to be a self-made businesswoman (can I call myself that?), and I’m trying to teach that to my sister, and to anyone asking me for advices.
If you work hard and fight for what you love, dreams do come true. Money is just a detail. Believe me.

So I rent my apartment, but I’m located in my favourite neighborhood. I never really made an effort in decorating it, especially because since I moved in, two years ago, I’ve been working like a mad lady. Running everywhere, back home just to sleep or to work.
Now that I have a separate office, I decided to make my apartment my little cosy home, a place where I like to spend time, relax, and disconnect from work. It’s very important and I need it.
I’ve been working on it for the past months, and I also showed it to you, and the evolution on my Instagram. So happy of how it’s starting to look (I’m actually writing this from my sofa, in the middle of my living room, where I’ve never sat before! (in 2 years! Can you believe it?!)

As I pictured it, I’m all alone in this apartment so far. Not that I wouldn’t mind having someone to cuddle with while watching movies (on my brand new TV yay!).
But somehow, it looks like with years, women grew some balls while men lost theirs. I know it’s a very strong statement, but it appears to be very true in my life.
Do you know how hard is it to find a man, when you are an ambitious, independent, a little bit extravagant young woman? IT IS HARD! I also look for someone that is ambitious, funny and smart (shouldn’t be that hard right?). But when I do, it appears that they’re afraid of me. Maybe of what I represent?

Though, I definitely don’t see myself changing just to find a guy… So, I guess the cuddles will have to wait some more.

The self-acceptance

I learned to love my body however it looked, years after years.
I also learned to respect it as much as I can. I made several changes that brought me to a body that I never thought I would have. I have spoken about it several times, but here is a longer article about my food habits and the changes that I’ve made.

Since a few months I’m also working weekly with thebodygang, and I love her coaching! Even if I can’t walk for the next 3 days.

I’ve also started to see some wrinkles, which was never a worry for me. It feels weird, yet, I’m trying to get used to it, and love them as part of my history, and journey in life.

One of the first picture where I discovered my wrinkles

All in all, I’m very happy of how my life is turning out to be.

I truly love my job, even if it took my years to realize what it was I really wanted to do! (So don’t you worry if you don’t know yet, time will tell). Don’t hesitate to multiply the experiences. Most of all, keep in mind that you have to do something that you love. That’s what I have always been told. If you do what you love, you’ll do it with passion, and you will be successful.

I’m so happy and proud to be surrounded by the friends that I have. They are all so encouraging, but also enduring my bad mood and my super high level of stress. The fact that I’m not always available but try to be as much as I can. Same goes for my family! My dad has been helping me a lot with building the company, giving me tons of advices, and I couldn’t be more thankful. My sister Flore is also helpful when she’s not partying, studying or working, and even if she says I consider her a slave, I’m very thankful for the time she gives me in the very busy teenager’s life.

So I’m turning 30 in 26 days, and I probably never felt so good in my life. Am I excited to see what my 30’s will bring? HELL YES! Bring it on baby

Just in case you wonder, the message on my cap, in the top picture of this article, means “boss” in Korean and comes from K-Shop

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