About me

My name is Lucie, and I’m a 25 years old living in Brussels, where I was borned and raised. I currently work part time as a free lancer for my blog and on other projects, and also as a communication/stylism consultant for small businesses. On the weekend, I’m also a bartender at Jeux d’Hiver.

Fashion has always been my biggest passion, and today, trough my blog, I try to share that with as many people as I can, around the world.

My story

I always developed an artistic side of me, thanks partly to my grandma, and both of my parents who always were very open minded. I went to school in Brussels, and studied art during middle school and high school.

Once graduated in 2006, I left for a year as an exchange student in the United States. I spent 5 months in Hamden, CT and 6 months in Washington DC. This experience allowed me to meet exceptional people, discover and understand a new culture (even a few), I discovered my passion for marketing, and the beauty of art seen from an American point of view. I left the country in June 2007, leaving behind a part of myself. Since then, I try to go back as often as I can.

In September 2007, I started to study marketing in a college in Brussels. I was passionate by marketing and by my studies, and they went really quick.

Still, fashion was a big part of my life, and when I had to make a decision on where to do my big internship, there were no other options than in the fashion industry.

It was 2010, and blogs had started blowing up all over the world. I had already made one (about fashion of course), around 2008, because I really enjoyed the concept. It was such a great place for me to express myself, and maybe, to find people I could relate to, since people were always judging the way I dressed in my own city. Sadly, I was missing the time and the courage to pull it off, and I quickly closed it, before anyone knew about it.

I suddenly had an idea where my passions for fashion and for marketing were reunited: a way for clothing stores to collaborate with bloggers. Of course, reading this now seems old fashioned, but at the time, it was never happening, or if so, nowhere close to Belgium or France.

I worked my ass of to do an internship at a online shop based in Paris, which is called Modetrotter.com . I got the internship, and then I was BEYOND happy, and so excited to explain to them my idea of collaboration with blogs. Sadly, things did not work out the way the should have, because of intern organization, and I quickly left Paris, and my oh so dreamed about internship for Brussels.

Back in my own city, I found a new internship at the second hand shop LADY DANDY, where I was finally able to develop my idea of blogger collaboration. As if someone was trying to make my life (or at least my project) a living hell, finding skilled fashion blogger in my own country, or at least in Brussels, was close to mission impossible. The Belgian fashion blogosphere was nowhere to be found… yet. And suddenly, all at once, dozens of blogs opened up in a few months.

A few months later, after graduating from Marketing, I was lost. I had no clue on what I wanted to do or what so ever.  I liked marketing, but did not want a marketing job. I loved fashion so very much, but did not know in which direction to go, there are so many jobs in the fashion industry, and they all seemed so interesting, I couldn’t just pick one. And right there, I was stuck.

One day, I talked to my mom about my situation, and she told me I would make a great personal shopper. Indeed, I have always loved creating looks and outfit for others. I had the passion, that’s for sure, and I had the skills, after working for two years in the clothing stores No Concept (during my marketing studies). There I learn to advise and to adapt to styles and morphologies that are not especially mine.

I was really excited about this new project, and in the process, instead of opening a random website, I decided to do a blog. It was for me a better way to express myself, to give advices, and I found it had more energy than a regular website. We were then in October 2010.

A few months went by, and rapidly, my blog became bigger and bigger in influence, as my personal shopper career wasn’t really taking off. And for a very easy reason: the Belgian market is not quite ready for it.

Today, I concentrate a lot on the blog, but still really enjoy to do some personal shopping and styling (which I prefer to call fashion coaching) when asked.

I became a free-lancer a few months ago, and I enjoy working on different kinds of projects, either it’s fashion related, marketing, communication, Internet, photography, events, and much more.

A few months later, I decided to become a consultant for communication, stylism and repositioning for small businesses, because I realise thats where my strengths stands, and also because I really enjoy doing it.

Style wise, and on a personal basis, I can be really eclectic, but I like pretty much every style. I can relate to many different brands and have no favorites. I am the kind of person that believes there is something good about every brand.

As for my icons, or if we can call them that way, I am truly inspired by Leandra Medine, Elin Kling, Diane von Furstenberg, my American friends,.. I actually get inspired by so many things, such as movies, series, friends of mines, blogs, magazines, random people walking in the streets,… it’s very various.

If you want to reach me for any questions, projects, fashion coaching, consulting, partnerships and more, check out the “contact me” tab.